Why You Should Have An Android Smartphone

The long unending debate about which Operating System is the best when it comes to smartphones—Androids and iPhones—have left a lot of potential buyers with the unenviable tough choice of selecting between Android smartphones and the Apples smartphones. This argument has made selection a difficult exercise, so we encourage you to read the piece and discover some reasons yourself why you should probably ditch other smartphones in a hurry and opt for an Android device. Considering the fact that about 80 percent of smartphones that are sold are all androids, maybe you would want to pay a little bit of attention to the article before making up your mind on whatever smartphone it is it you are planning on acquiring.

Android Devices Can Easily Be Customised

Whenever there is an argument about smartphones, supporters of Android devices are always very quick to bring this point to the forefront. Android provides a lot of allowance for tonnes of many different widgets. This means you can easily rework and rewire the phone, making it an image which only you have in mind. You can easily set it up in the way that you prefer and which would be very convenient for you. The iOS, on the other hand, is very immovable when it comes to this point.


Android smartphones Allows You To Opt For A Different Operating System Altogether

At this point, customisation is taken right through the roof. As Android is more or less an open market, developers are free to fiddle and play with Android devices, and in so doing come up with an Operating System of their own from it.

Some may decide to tweak it a bit to accommodate the changes they would prefer, while others may decide to go out of their way to give it a rebirth, tampering with and changing everything.

Android Hardware Covers A Larger range Than The Operating System Used By iPhones

Due to the way that the Android project has remained open, many different companies are free to make different varieties of smartphones that run on Android. To the user, this provides a wider range of choices when they go shopping for new phones with particular features in mind.

A look, even a cursory one, at the lower price points will further drive the point home. iPhones are terribly expensive, but thanks to the numerous varieties of Android devices all over the place, the smartphone market is not entirely a demon out to dig a big hole in your pocket.

The wide range of Android devices provide and maintain a budget friendly market which provides lots of options as well. These products are not only not way costly but can also stand their own in fulfilling different functions required of a smartphone . This incredible variety of numerous smartphones provides everyone with their own special kind of Android smartphone at an affordable cost.

The reason for thus development is not farfetched. It is actually staring us right in our very faces. Since Android is an open source, more companies instead of just one lone company, are always working on making newer, exciting and better innovations.

Hundreds of companies work daily to ensure that the software in your Android smartphone are updated into better ones that produce more results and take on more functions.
That is not counting the many private individuals as well who are also working meticulously on their own to come up with newer, better, stronger, inspiring, exciting, and more fulfilling innovations.

It is because of this they are always ahead of the iPhone Operating System. Some hardware features that made an early appearance on Android devices before ever being fitted into any Apple phones are WiFi Direct and Web images.

Another thing is that most of these apps are cheaper than in the other Operating System. In fact, majority of the apps frequently updated and created are free on Android Operating System.

Flexibility In The Acquisition Of Various Apps

There is the Google play store, which is the official place meant for Android users to acquire different and varying kinds of apps. This is because of the many risks that are most times associated with the acquisition of apps off other sites.

However, there is no ironclad deterrent or prohibition that prevents Android users from downloading of any of their favourite apps from these other sites. You are simply issued a warning about the dangers of such actions, then you are left alone to make your decision, which is, by the way, a very nice, thoughtful and wise thing to do.

Android Has More Storage Space As Against iPhone's Storage.

16 GB is the official standard storage space which can be found on any iPhone mobiles. But with Androids, this is most certainly not the case. Many Android phones have twice that storage capacity and they are definitely not rubbed off badly in any way by it.

Also, Android devices' storage capacity can be further boosted by the use of an SD card. When you compare this storage capacity with that of an iPhone, you will have no choice than to crave more storage capacity, which is exactly what you will get with Android.